Technology transition requires effective change management

Successful introduction of new technology requires meticulous product selection, committed and active sponsorship, effective program governance, realistic time scales, sufficient budget, an experienced internal project team, a zealous delivery partner and effective change management/internal engagement.

New software normally requires a new Target Operating Model and an overhaul of working practices to deliver efficiencies. Failing to focus on new processes and securing the support of those affected can adversely affect the overall program and lead to delay and disruption. New technology may not be embraced by employees and therefore a successful outcome will need to overcome potential resistance.

Millennium Consulting provides a structured well thought out approach to transitioning individuals and teams through the entire change process. We support successful change by ensuring new technology and processes are efficiently introduced and embraced at every level of the organisation. Our clients benefit from our 23 years’ experience managing complex change programs.


· Program management

· Effective communication and stakeholder management

· Target Operating Model design

· Software configuration and solution build

· Training strategy and delivery

· Organisational design and employee transition to new roles and responsibilities

· Multi country solution deployment

· Successful project delivery outcomes

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