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Prophet software has never been more critical than it is now in helping insurance firms become IFRS 17 compliant by 2022. With the global insurance sector set to update their processes and improve integration between finance, actuaries and data, Prophet’s risk management products will be vital in implementing a solid foundation to achieve transparency across contracts.

Prophet’s leading actuarial modelling software will help businesses address IFRS 17’s new measures via their extensive libraries. Implementing this sooner rather than later will be imperative especially in relation to IFRS 17, as the data will come from a wide range of areas such as IT, actuarial and finance. Due to this being delivered by actuarial Prophet experts who are in relatively short supply yet facing increasing demand, acting sooner rather than later will be important.

Operating worldwide, Millennium Consulting assembles SME's and teams of experienced Prophet consultants to work with insurance firms across Europe, North America and Asia, offering cost effective, high quality expertise. Partnering with a quality-assured management consultancy that provides skilled, delivery-focussed individuals and teams is an essential requirement needed to achieve project success. We help clients introduce innovative working practices that help them grow, streamline cost and mitigate against risk thereby enabling them to achieve long-term success.

Successful project delivery requires people with proven technical ability, commercial aptitude, well developed inter-personal skills and a track record of success. We only provide Prophet specialists who meet these criteria. Our selection process is thorough and demanding as our reputation is vested in the calibre of consultant who represents us and this leaves no margin for error.

Our customers deserve the best Prophet Software specialists available and we make it our responsibility to ensure their needs are met. To find out how we can assist you with your Prophet Software project, call us on +44(0) 845 604 4262 or send us a message.

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